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We are all children of God and have a unique spiritual and intuitive ability to feel, sense, and commune with higher frequencies of God and Light.

Through prayer and meditation, we open up, turn on, our natural intuitive abilities. We all have a ‘still small voice’ within. We all have the ability to ‘feel’ or ‘know’. Your intuition is your own internal GP’S system from God, the Universe. Tune in. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

God, Angels, the universe are always talking to us. We either tune in, or tune out. Anytime you are ready, and decide that you want to “Know more” “feel more” “see more” Spirit, they will show up! Here are some tips to get you open and able to sense spirit…

  • Meditate. Pray and tell God that you are ready for the next step in your “awakening”.

  • Begin to control your emotions and thoughts, get control of the lower ego self.

  • Practice quietness and mindfulness. Unplug from your electronics during “spirit time”.

  • Watch the movie, “Celestine Prophecy”.

  • Read some great books: The Seth Series, by Jane Roberts, Conversations with God Series by Neale Donald Walsh, and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

  • Play in spirit energy as much as you can! Hug a tree, listen for spirit whispers, watch for repeating numbers; be light hearted as you open to sense the higher frequency world.

  • Try to clear your emotional baggage such as anger, hate, and lower frequencies that block up the very subtle energy centers to sensing spirit.

  • Create a sacred space in your home. Choose a chair, corner of your bedroom, or other area where you go and call, pray, to God/Angels/Spirit. Sacred space magnifies the connection.

  • Seek a spiritual group that you vibe to and join in on some group activities. Group energy magnifies spirit energy!

  • Get energy treatments to awaken and sensitize your aura.

  • Be consistent in your meditation and quiet time with Spirit. Once a week is good, twice a week is better!

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